Rope Wrapped Globes

Natural white cotton or jute rope over metal framed globes. Also available in black or white nylon for outdoor use
Sold as a single globe coming off a single canopy or as a cluster of globes (customer’s configuration) off either a single canopy with rope swagging or individual canopies

Single canopy, swaging rope and LED bulb is included
Additional canopies for an upcharge of $172.50 retail

Made in Los Angeles and made to order. Please allow 10-12 weeks lead time

Overall drop and/or elevations required

Standard sizes and retail pricing below. Inquire here for Designer discount pricing

8” Diameter - $862.50
12” Diameter - $1035.00
16” Diameter - $1207.50
20” Diameter - $1265.00
24” Diameter - $1322.50
28” Diameter - $1610.00
32” Diameter - $1840.00
36” Diameter - $2127.50